Find out how to spot a fake honey, because it is literally everywhere!


Natural honey offers tons of health benefits. It contains some potent antimicrobial, decongestant and antibacterial properties, and it can fight against a number of ailments and diseases.

But these abilities are not contained in every type of honey, and that is the reason why you need to pay attention to the product that you are buying. You need to make sure that the product is natural and organic. In this article, we are going to show you how to spot fake brands of honey in your local supermarket:

  1. Crystallization

When the honey is natural and organic, it will crystallize as the time passes. The fake honey, on the other hand, will not crystallize and it will keep a syrup-like composition.

  1. Always read the label

Before you decide to buy some brand of honey, you always need to read the label on the back of the product, because there you can finds if there are any additives in the honey. There are some brands that add a certain amount of additives to their product, which instantly makes the product less healthy.

  1. Caramelization

Take a couple of tablespoons of honey and put them into a small cup. Then place the cup in the microwave and heat it. If the honey is natural, it will caramelize. But if it starts to bubble, it means that it is not organic.

  1. Honey and water

Put a couple of tablespoons of honey in a glass of hot water, and if it starts to melt, it means that the honey that you bought is fake. The real honey will dissolve in the water, as soon as the water begins to cool down, and it will form clumps on the bottom of the glass.

  1. Paper

You can also find out if the honey that you have bought is real, by adding a couple of drops on a dry piece of paper. If the honey is absorbed by the paper, it means that it is fake. The paper should not, and will not absorb a real organic honey.

  1. Honey and bread

Take a couple of tablespoons of honey and spread the honey on a slice of bread. If the bread hardens, it means that is real, and if the slice of bread becomes damp, then the honey is fake.


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