Find Out Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness


Highly intelligent people can sometimes feel melancholy, sadness and grief despite the fact that they have succeeded accomplishing many important things in their lives.

Here are 6 reasons why highly intelligent people have a harder time finding happiness.

They have high goals

People who are highly intelligent tend to set big goals and feel capable of doing big things. They always look for a purpose, pattern, or a meaning and they struggle to find your place in this world. Also, these people have a rich imagination but can’t find a way to enjoy life to the fullest. They easily lose focus and get bored.

They overthink

Highly intelligent people tend to overanalyze things and philosophical questions so their friends and family perceive them as analytical persons with high standards. But, overthinking can cause stress, put too much pressure and impede your ability to show your full potential.

It is true that overthinking is regarded as a sign of high intelligence, but you shouldn’t really pay attention to every detail.

No one appreciates the depth 

Highly intelligent people are feeling underappreciated. They understand things from a different point of view and seek for a meaningful and deep conversation with someone who understands them. But, they can rarely find someone who understands them. Therefore, they often feel lonely and don’t have many friends.

They treat themselves in a harsh way 

Highly intelligent people tend to be self-critical and often times doubt themselves. Also, they set high goals and force themselves to great work. They can even blame themselves for no reason. These people often experience mood swings and sleep disorders.

They expect high standards from other people as well

As they have high standards and strive for excellence they are hardly ever completely satisfied. They expect too much from other people as well and get frustrated by other people’s ignorance. Because of their brilliant minds, they want to get everything they want and don’t accept failures, which means that they can be very unrealistic in their plans.

They are more at risk of developing mental disorders 

Many studies have shown the link between a higher IQ and mental disorders. This issue needs further analysis as the human mind is a mystery. However, there are many cases when highly intelligent people suffer from chronic depression. Also, they overthink the meaning of existence.

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