Do You Feel Dizzy? This Doctor Reveals a Simple Way to Treat Vertigo in a Few Seconds


Vertigo is a balance disorder which makes you feel that you or your environment is spinning.

Vertigo is usually caused by inner ear infections, or a problem in the inner ear. The inner ear balances your sense of steadiness. In other words, it controls your balance system, which helps us run, walk, and move.

We will show you an effective technique on how to react during a vertigo attack.

Dr. Carol Foster recommends the so called ”half-volley maneuver” treatment. Many people have tried this technique and confirmed that it really works.

Just follow these instructions:

First, sit on your feet bent back. Lean your head back too. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then, lift your head and make sure you curve forward your back. Now, lean your head down and take it slowly to the floor. By keeping your head on the floor, look towards your left shoulder. Wait for a while until the dizziness stops. Lift your back and your head slowly so that you place your feet in a kneeling position. Then, slowly sit on the floor and take a deep breath.

Sue Rickers tells about her frightening experience she had with vertigo. This condition affected her everyday activities as she couldn’t even move. However, after dealing with this problem for years, Sue decided to try this technique to reduce the vertigo symptoms. She immediately felt better.


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