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My face was full of acne scars until my husband told me about this remedy (changed my life forever)


Acne is a regular problem for many young people and a lot of them accept it as a part of their life.

They waste their money on an expensive treatments and creams, but not many of these creams and treatments actually work.

A young woman was “forced” by her husband, to try a natural remedy that he thought, will solve her acne problems. The woman was little skeptical at first, because she had some disappointing experiences with acne treatments in the past. After a short period of time, she noticed some positive changes on her skin and ultimately, the acne on her face disappeared!

We will show you how to prepare this remedy at home.


  • Fresh water
  • Pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar

How to use it:

First, wash your face with water and then pat it dry. When you prepare the mixture, the most important thing is to use a ratio of 1-part vinegar and 3 parts water. After washing your face, dip a cotton ball into the vinegar-water mixture and then apply it directly onto the blemish.

Leave the cotton there for a minimum of ten minutes, or ideally, overnight. After you finish with the treatment, make sure that you use moisturizer, because you might feel like your skin is getting dry.

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