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Eliminate body hair forever using this simple natural remedy!

Hair can be found on the hands, legs, back, face etc. which are all visible parts of your body. Lots of people, mostly women, find hair on these areas to be really annoying.

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair from certain areas of the body like waxing, shaving and laser hair removal. But these methods can sometimes cause redness, irritation of the skin, allergies and scarring.

What is more, these methods require a lot of patience, money and time. But, there is a way to remove the unwanted hair permanently, with a natural way. This sounds too good to be true, but it is not. This treatment is very cheap and has no side effects.


  • Kusumba oil
  • Thanaka powder

Just mix the two natural ingredients together, and you have your remedy.

How does this remedy actually work?

The thanaka powder comes from the Thanaka tree, and it is a soft powder. It can treat dark spots and it will make your skin soft to the touch, while removing the unwanted hairs from your body.

The kusuma oil on the other hand, comes from the seeds of a particular flower that is called Kusuma flower. This is an oil that can remove body hair and it will also moisturize your skin.

This combination will weaken the root of the hair, because of the high amount of proteins that are contained inside the thanaka powder. It will also prevent the hair from growing there, because it will decrease the supply of nutrients that go to the roots of the hair.

This is a completely natural body hair removal that will benefit your skin. It is a painless, cheap and safe method of hair removal. You don’t have to worry about the side effects of this remedy, because there are not any. These ingredients have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

Please watch the video below, to see how to prepare this remedy:


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