Effective body type-based tips on how to lose weight and get in shape fast

One of the most common mistakes in the process of losing weight is that girls often do not take into account their type of figure, however it is necessary to plan their workouts and meal plan system on the basis of it. Weight loss is a set of measures (workout, healthy eating) suitable for a certain type of fat deposits.

However, it is worth remembering that the process of weight loss is always directed to the whole body, rather than to individual areas, but knowing your type of fat you can adjust the system of your training, and focus on the problem areas.

Do you have excess weight, and you do not know how to deal with it? Are you still looking for an effective way to remove fat from the abdomen and the sides? Let’s look at existing body fat types and how to get rid of them:

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#1. Upper body obesity. If you do not eat healthy and you are not physically active, you can have this type of fat. The best idea is to start cardio exercises for at least thirty minutes every day.

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#2. Stomach obesity. If you have a sedentary job, and at the same time you are constantly chewing on something – you hurt not only the figure, but also health. One of the best ways to get rid of such a stomach is to have more rest so that the body can recover and not to disturb the stress of harmful delicacies.

#3. Lower body obesity. Change your eating habits and exercises more. Pay your attention to exercises for the lower body parts, they are squats, lunges and do some cardio.

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#4. Swollen stomach obesity. Alcohol is your enemy. Excess carbohydrates, sugar, and as a result – fatty deposits. Reject any alcoholic beverages for at least two weeks, and then set yourself a mode of 2-4 glasses of wine a week, no more. Eat more fats: eat fish, eggs, nuts and avocados. Walk more.

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#5. Legs obesity. Pregnant women can have such problems, because they have too big loads on the legs. It is good to relax more and to keep the legs up.

#6. Large protruding stomach with upper back fat. If you are physically inactive, you can have such problem. Start exercising more and change your diet. Try to eat healthier foods.

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