Eat bitter foods to aid digestion, lower blood sugar, and breakdown kidney stones

There are millions of people that are more into eating processed, instant foods instead of regular and healthy meals. That largely depends on their busy schedules, paperworks, deadlines, businesses, and the people simply do not have the necessary time to cook their food.

We all know that fast and processed foods are not healthy, because they are packed with fats and more prone to toxins that can affect our overall health. If for example, your liver is not functioning well, it will also affect the function of the kidneys, which will, in turn, result in accumulation of toxins that can lead to numerous diseases.

Eating bitter vegetables will support the function of the kidneys and liver

According to multiple types of research, herbs and vegetables that have a bitter taste will improve the function of your kidneys and liver. Bitter plants are very often connected to some plants that have poisonous compounds like alkaloids. That does not matter because you only need to ingest a tiny amount of it in order to treat the problems that we mentioned above.

Why should we eat bitter foods?

Bitter foods have health benefits and nutritional values that we often time miss. These foods will stimulate the flow of the digestive acids, which will help in nutritional absorption and food digestion. People that are suffering from acid reflux will benefit from these foods. These foods can also improve the health of the gut flora and treat leaky guts. The digestive system is extremely important, so you need to improve its function, and one of the best ways to do it is to eat bitter foods.

Bitter foods can also manage your weight and prevent you to eat too much. They have alkaline properties that will reduce the acid reaction. When the pH levels of the body lean towards acidic, the body is more prone to parasites and viruses that can lead to multiple diseases and medical conditions. Bitter foods can also lower the sugar levels in the blood, balance your hormones and treat ulcers. Bitter foods like bitter lemon is a very effective and natural way to break kidney stones.

Here is how to prepare a bitter gourd juice:

Gourd juice is a drink that will help you get rid of kidney stones. You need to drink it once every day for 30 days, and you will be able to eliminate the kidney stones through your urine.


  • Six pieces of small bitter gourd, or three pieces of bigger bitter gourd. You need to rinse and clean it and get rid of its seeds.
  • Quarter organic lemon with peel
  • One tablespoon of coconut or olive oil

You need to extract the juice out of the lemon and the bitter gourd and then add one tablespoon of coconut or olive oil (depends on your preference). Place these ingredients in a small blender and mix them. You need to drink this natural remedy every day, in a combination with lots of water. After a month, the kidney stones will be eliminated from your body.

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