Drink One Glass of Beer After Lunch For These 8 Health Benefits

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Going to the bar to have a beer with your friends is probably one of the most favorite activities for many people. But, once you find out the health benefits of this refreshing drink, you will fall in love with it even more. Actually, it is even regarded as a natural cure for many health problems.

Include beer in your daily diet to improve your overall health. Here’s how.

A recent study which involved women suggested that the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke is 30% lower for women who drink beer every day in moderation. Beer is a rich source of essential elements like starch, water, barley, and wheat.

Kidney stones 

According to a study, one glass of beer improves your kidney function and lowers the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.

Healthy bones 

Beer is high in silicone, which supports your bone structure. It has been scientifically proven that this element helps building better bones and contributes to their density.

Reduces the risk of developing diabetes 

Beer helps in the prevention of developing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Beer promotes the production of bile, so it helps in digesting fatty foods more efficiently.

Brings down the bad cholesterol 

Beer is high in digestible fiber which regulates your blood pressure, reduces the bad cholesterol levels, keeps your blood sugar stable and prevents inflammation.

Protection against exposure to ultraviolet radiation 

Also, beer has a powerful antioxidant activity. It is high in phytonutrients which contribute to your whole body protection from the sun’s damaging effects on the skin by limiting the UV-radiation on your body.

Reduces blood pressure 

According to a study, people who drink one glass of beer every day are less likely to develop high blood pressure compared to the ones who drink wine.

Fights infections 

Beer has powerful anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It boosts your immune system and prevents upper-respiratory infections.

Improves your mood

You probably knew this fact already. Drinking beer prevents depression and increases your level of creativity.

Reduces stress

Beer has a relaxing effect on your body and brain. Drinking beer in moderation has a positive effect on your nervous system.

Fights cancer

As beer has powerful antioxidant potential, it prevents DNA damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. The xanthohumol found in beer has been shown to have cancer-fighting properties.

So, invite your friends to your favorite bar, have a glass of beer, and enjoy its amazing health benefits.

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