Don’t ignore these 6 signs of a hormonal imbalance!

Ladies, if you ever felt angry, emotional or frustrated with no obvious reason, the hormonal imbalance is definitely the main reason to blame.

Hormones play a crucial role in the general health of women, because they affect her fertility, mood and ovulation, and they can sometimes be disrupted in many ways.

The causes of hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance and fluctuations can naturally occur in menopause, puberty and perimenopause. But these fluctuations can disrupt the chemistry of the body.

Other factors that can cause hormonal imbalance are pregnancy, contraceptive pills, stress, menstrual cycle and bad lifestyle habits.

It is very important to identify and diagnose this condition on time, because it can affect the quality of life. Despite of the fact that the one who suffers from this condition is the woman, it can also affect the people around her. Mood swings can affect the way that a woman is treating those who surround her.

Six signs of a hormonal imbalance

  • Constant weight gain – Even though you exercise on a daily basis, the results are just not visible. If you see that you are gaining weight, despite of your best efforts, it may be a sign of hormonal imbalance. The metabolism is the one that is in charge of the process of losing weight, but hormonal imbalance reduces the ability of the body to burn calories and it becomes resistant to weight loss.
  • Constant hunger – When a person is suffering from hormonal imbalance, it feels strong food cravings. Even when the person is not hungry, her brain tells her that she is, so she cannot keep her hands off the food. Food cravings come as a result of increased levels of a hormone that is responsible for appetite stimulation, called ghrelin.
  • Loss of libido – Hormonal fluctuations can lead to decreased sex drive. This happens because of the hormones that are responsible for the libido like estrogen, thyroid, testosterone and cortisol, have abnormal levels. These hormones also cause vaginal dryness which makes the sexual intercourse uncomfortable and painful.
  • Mood swings – Regular mood swings generally indicate hormonal imbalance. You are feeling happy and satisfied, when all of the sudden, you feel sad and you want to cry. This can lead to depression, because there are people that do not want to be around a person like that. These mood swings can also be caused by menstrual cycle, and they are especially common during the menopause.
  • Fatigue – Constant fatigue can also be a sign of hormonal imbalance. High levels of cortisol can result in fatigue and constant stress.
  • Insomnia – Women who suffer from hormonal imbalance, often times have trouble sleeping. This happens because the levels of progesterone and estrogen are low, and the already high levels of cortisol affect the quality of their sleep.

Please make sure that you consult your doctor if experience any of these signs of hormonal imbalance.

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