Donald Trump is preparing for THIS major attack on Big Pharma

Insider sources reveal that President Trump is taking a massive stand against Big Pharma.

Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings believes that Trump will do everything that he can to lower the cost of medications for the American people. He believes in this, because he received three private phone calls from the President himself.

He described the phone calls with the President and he said that they talked about Medicare and about importation. Cummings said that the President told him that it was ridiculous to go to Canada and buy something for a 100 dollars, and then come back to the States and buy the same thing for 900 dollars.

There are multiple ways that President Trump can take in order to lower the price of drugs. One of them includes allowing Medicare to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies for the price of the drugs.


He is also focused and he is considering the option to import drugs from foreign countries. This would be very good for the average American, who is struggling to pay the ridiculous amounts that medical bills contain.

This was a promise that he made in his presidential campaign, and will increase his rating among the Democrats, that recently introduced a bill that is focused on reducing medical costs.

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