Do You Know the Danger of Turning On the A/C After Starting the Engine?

A lot of people turn on the air conditioner as soon as they enter their cars. It is actually the first thing they do when they sit in them.

But, here’s something that you didn’t know. Turning on the A/C right after you enter your car can be very dangerous and even fatal for your health.

Everytime you leave your car outside, you close the windows and during this period, the car accumulates benzene. When you park your car in the shade, it accumulates 400-800 mg of benzene. But, did you know that the level of benzene increases to 2000-4000 mg when you leave you car under direct sunlight?

This is a shocking fact, considering that 2000-4000 mg of increased benzene is 40 times higher than the safe level.

To be more precise, when you sit in the car with closed windows, you inhale the dangerous benzene. Inhaling excessive amounts of benzene is toxic and affects the function of your lungs, liver, bone tissue, and kidneys. Then, the organism needs time to eliminate the inhaled benzene.

In the car’s owners manual, you will read that the windows of the car should be opened before you turn on the A/C, but it is not specified why.

How would doctors explain this?

The air conditioner in your car removes all the heated air out before it starts to cool the air in it. It also removes the benzene, which is carcinogenic.

So, make sure you open the windows of your car for several minutes and then you can turn on the air conditioner. This piece of advice will help you protect your health and the health of others.

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