Do not ignore the pain in these parts of your body – it can cost you your life!

The pain that people experience in different parts of the body is an indicator that their body experiences some kind of difficulties.

Reaching for painkillers offers a temporary relief, but that is not a long-term solution. The worst thing you could possibly do, is to ignore the pain. According to the experts, pain in different parts of the human body, can reveal certain problems and health issues.

Please do not ignore the pain in the following areas:


If you feel some kind of pain in your upper back, right arm or your chest, please consider checking the function of your heart. If the pain is manifested in the left part of your body, it is most likely the your body’s way to tell you that something is wrong.

Diaphragm and lungs

If you feel pain in the upper shoulders area or your neck, go and check your diaphragm and lungs. Get a doctor’s opinion about further treatments and therapy.

Gallbladder and liver

Pain in this area can indicate that you have some gallbladder and liver issues. You need to be extremely careful if the pain is constant and persistent.

Pancreas and stomach

If the pain that you are experiencing is located in the back and abdominal area, you could be experiencing pancreas and stomach problems. The statistics suggest that over 50% of the people with pancreatitis experience intensive back pain, which makes this issue a thing that you cannot ignore.

Large intestine

If you experience stabbing pain in your lower abdomen area (right side), the pain might be an indicator that something is wrong with the large intestine. Pain in this area often times expresses rectum and colon malfunction, and it is very important that you see your doctor shortly after the pain appears.

Small intestine

If you are experiencing a pulsating pain in your navel, it may be because you have a small intestine problem. It is very important that when you see your doctor, you tell him even the smallest detail.


Pain in the front, rear and lower part of your pelvis can indicate that there is something wrong with your bladder.


Kidney issues are often times diagnosed with a delay. As time passes, the pain can spread to a larger area that includes your lower abdomen, thighs, pelvis and lower back


Inflamed ovaries can cause stabbing pain in the area that they are located. The pain involves both sides of your abdomen. Pain and odd symptoms in this area should never be ignored.

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