Discover what the human body wants when it desires 6 foods!


Human bodies are designed in such a way that they have a way of telling you anything that you need to know, all that is required from you is to listen and to be able to read the signals. These days, many people are obsessed with healthy ways of living and very often when they think that they are doing something for their own good may turn out to be pretty controversial.

The thing is that most of you are familiar with something known as cravings. Most of the times we neglect this signal since we do not perceive it as one. But in fact, a certain craving is the way your body tells you that there is some essential thing missing from the system and you better supply it. That is why today we are going to talk about what your body actually needs when it craves following foods.

#1 Chocolate

It is true that people who are on a healthy diet try to restrict their intake of chocolate and sweets in general since they can boost the weight gain. But there are times when your craving for chocolate is almost unbearable. Why is that? The thing is that when you want some chocolate really bad even though it is not like you, it means that there is something missing from your body and that something is nothing else but magnesium. Since magnesium is highly important for your well-being, in general, you should better restore its levels with the consumption of nuts and seeds.

#2 Sweets

It is one thing if you are a sweet-tooth and can’t live a day without some tasty pastry and opposite when it hits you all out of the sudden. When the craving for sweets becomes unbearable, and you are not that into sweets at all it only means that your body is missing chromium, carbon, tryptophan or phosphorus.

To restore chromium, you should better include some cheese, broccoli, and beans into your diet. For the restoration of carbon chew on some cranberries. Tryptophan will enter your body with raisins and spinach while phosphorus comes with fish and poultry.

#3 Bread

As well as sweets bread is a no-no for most of you who are on a diet. But there are times when you can’t think of anything else but a slice of bread. You may be thinking – what is wrong with you? The answer will be – your body is missing nitrogen. And in order to supply your body with the necessary amount of it all you need to do is to increase your intake of proteins. Among the foods that are full of protein are meat, fish, beans, and nuts.

#4 Greasy food

It is one thing if you are hungover and you wish for that greasy hamburger bit completely different when you are on a healthy diet, and then out of a sudden you start dreaming of fries, and your mouth starts watering. The truth is that when you desire fatty foods your organism is running low on something as important as calcium, yeap, you heard it right! There is a list of products which will supply your body with calcium with no harm to your body. They are cheese, kale, greens and sesame seeds. As simple as that!

#5 Ice

This one may sound weir – why would anyone crave for ice? But it happens, and there is a nice explanation for that. Even though the consumption of ice can damage your healthy way of living in any way, there are ways to substitute ice with something more nutritious. The thing is that when you crave for ice your body craves for iron and there is nothing better to supply it with it than with the help of lean meat, fish, and seaweed!

#6 Burnt food

This one also happens. Sometimes you want not only something grilled but actually burnt even though you know that it is bad for you. This type of craving happens due to the low level of carbon in your body. To get back on track and to stop craving for burnt foods you should better eat some more fresh fruits. This solution is super simple, right?

This is the list of most common cravings that can happen to any of you and it is great that now you know how to fight those craving off instead of feeding yourself with something that can do you more harm than good. It is true that in order to solve the puzzle you need to look at the bigger picture!

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