What are the differences between lemons and limes?

Both the lime and the lemon belong to the citrus family, and what is more, they look alike. But they are completely different fruits.

Lime goes by the scientific name of Citrus Aurantifolia, and the lemon is called Citrus Lemon. These fruits are different in sizes, lemons are noticeably larger than limes, and they also taste very different, lemons have a sour taste, and limes, on the other hand, have a sweet-bitter taste.

Limes are round in shape, while the lemons have a more oval shape. Both of these fruits are great sources of vitamin C, but the lemons contain more than twice the amount of vitamin C that the limes do. An averagely sized lime contains around 30 milligrams of vitamin C, while a lemon of average size contains more than 55 milligrams. Lemons also contain more folate and potassium, but limes, on the other hand, are a better source of vitamin A.

These fruits contain powerful ingredients, because of the fact that they are both rich in vitamin A and C, and they also contain potassium, flavonoids, folate, and potent antioxidant properties. This is why these fruits have multiple times showed their ability to treat different diseases, among which – cancer.

Lemons and limes contain limonoids that can fight against carcinogenic cells and compounds. Both of these fruits are alkalizing by nature, despite their acidic taste, which means that they are very effective in removing the acids and the toxins from our body.

Health complications and inflammation can happen because of the accumulation of toxins in our body, and when this happens, there is an increased risk of the appearance of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The bottom line is that both of these fruits are extremely rich in nutrients and medicinal properties, which make them highly beneficial for our overall health. According to many health experts and doctors, in order to improve and maintain your overall health, it is recommended that you include both limes and lemons in your everyday diet.

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