Did you know that one bowl of rice can be as dangerous as two cans of soda?

When it comes to diabetes, what people are most concerned about is sugary foods. When avoiding these foods, many people are unaware that there is a food that poses a much greater threat to their health every day.

The statistics show that Asians have much higher chance of developing diabetes. It was first thought that this was attributed to the genes because Caucasians eat much unhealthier foods that can contribute to the appearance of this disease. What is more, Asians are always praised for their lifestyle and because of the fact that they are generally physically more active.

But according to the latest research, the thing to blame for diabetes is white rice. It is a normal part of the Asian daily diet, and it is full of starch. The starch can overload the human body with blood sugar, and the risk of diabetes increases as a result.

The dangers of white rice

The chief executive of Health Promotion Board – Zee Yoong Kang, has shared his plan to reduce the cases of diabetes around the globe, particularly in Asian countries. According to him, there is a meta-analysis that shows that when white rice is ingested on a daily basis, it can increase the risk of diabetes by 11 percent.

But what is the thing that makes white rice dangerous? According to the researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, who have conducted their study for 20 years, white rice is dangerous for consummation because of the following facts:

  • A bowl of white rice contains at least twice as many carbs than a can of soft drink. This is especially bad because of the fact that when carbs enter our system, they are converted into sugar. The pancreas makes insulin, in order for the body to use sugar. This will cause the levels of sugar to spike, which will make the pancreas work much more than it should
  • When the levels of sugar spike, it makes the situation worse. Because your pancreas is now working much harder than it regularly does, it becomes less efficient in producing insulin. This makes the body absorb more sugar.
  • Excessive amounts of sugar in your body are bad. Eating white rice on a daily basis can cause kidney damage, because of the fact that there is now too much sugar in the body. This is the point where diabetes starts. Many Asians consume refined carbs like rice and noodles. These foods contain tons of sugar, and what is worse if you are an individual that has a higher body mass index, the risk of diabetes increases even more.

Luckily, there is always a way to fight this increase of risk. You can try to replace 20 percent of the consummation of white rice with brown rice, which will significantly reduce your risk of diabetes.


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