Dandelion root: more effective than chemotherapy


You can probably remember how your grandmother made you dandelion syrup, but she didn’t know that dandelion root can help people that are diagnosed with cancer.

According to the scientists, the root of this plant is more effective than chemo. Dandelion root is more effective than chemo because it only destroys cancer cells, as opposed to the chemotherapy, which destroys all cells.

A group of Canadian researchers at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor, conducted a research on this matter and the results bring a new hope for people that are suffering from cancer. They have concluded that dandelion root kills cancer cells very effectively, and do not damage the healthy cells in the process.

Dandelion root tea can make the affected cells disintegrate in a period of 48 hours, not affecting a single healthy cell. According to the researchers, a continual dandelion root treatment, may destroy cancer cells and that was the wind in their backs that they needed to continue with the research.

John Carlo, a 72-year-old man, was diagnosed with cancer, and he received chemo treatments. The treatment did not work and the doctors that treated him, struggled to find an effective solution for him. As a last resort, they advised him to drink dandelion root tea. Four months later, he had a remission, which means that the cancer started to shrink and shortly after it disappeared completely.

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