Damage caused to the body by sitting for long periods


A person is not created to constantly sit in one place for a long period. Our physiology suggests that we should walk and run a lot, the movement is so characteristic of human nature. However, the modern world forces a person to change himself.

When you are busy watching TV, everything that moves is your finger during channel switching. The same situation is with the PC mouse in your hand. What about the rest of the body? What happens to you when you sit at work all day? Believe, everything is pretty sad.

Studies conducted by scientists show that 40% of health problems occur more often in people who move little during the day and sit more than 6 hours a day in one place. Look at all damage caused to your body by sitting for long periods:

#1. The cardiovascular system. According to the study, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and sometimes to a lethal outcome. The risk of developing such diseases, according to scientists, increases by 64%.

#2. Varicose veins. If you set for a very long period, your blood circulation is violated. So, after a while you can have such a problem as varicose veins.

#3. Obesity. The conclusion of scientists is quite obvious: there are often more frequent cases of obesity among people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

#4. Muscles and bones. Your bones become weak and your body thinks that you do not need your muscles.

#5. Digestive system. Long-term inactivity reduces the rate of fat burning, which slows the flow of blood, and reduces the effectiveness of insulin.

#6. Aging. Scientists have studied data on watching television of 11 thousand people from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and found that people sitting in front of the TV for 6 or more hours a day, on average, live 4.8 years less than those who do not watch TV.

#7. Mental distress and anxiety problems. Long stay at the computer, and especially on the Internet, over time leads to a decrease in social activity and psychological well-being. You want to communicate with people less, and you become less emotional person. Also, you start having problems with your memory and attentiveness.

#8. Insomnia. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, your body do not use all energy, so you start having problems with your sleep.

#9. “Performance” problems. Because of a violation of blood circulation, people can have sexual disorders.

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