Cool Diet Tricks to Lose Weight

When you need to try something different then working out, eating healthy and doing it all over again and again, try out these cool diet trick to lose weight.

What you need to know is that you need to change the way you live and to listen to your body needs more often than to calculate the calories or the hours spent in the gym. The most important thing is to never let your body starve. That’s the situation when your body sends emergency signals to your brain telling it “I need food!” That is why you should never let yourself hungry. You can accomplish that by eating every 3 to 4 hours a day. But choose your snacks smart! Eat low calories snacks, and feel free to say no to temptation. So, you don’t need to skip breakfast. It can give you the right amount of energy during the day. But do skip late night snacks! During night sleep your metabolism slows down, so it goes from fat burning to fat storage. And we don’t like the fat, do we!?

You can eat more than you used to and still be better looking than before. How? Well, eat more greens. Vegetables are low on calories and they will give you satisfaction of fullness. Eat less fats and don’t feel sorry after every meal. But before you start eating, ask yourself, are you really hungry? Because you feeling hungry might come from different type of cravings, and food won’t satisfy them. Be honest to yourself!

Give yourself a goal! Take a photo “before” and “after”! Do measure your results, and don’t feel shame in being proud of your accomplishments. That’s another way of helping your brain help you look better. You are leaving your comfort zone after all, so help yourself instead of going to war with your brain. Be brave!

Sleep 6 to 8 hours during night. The night sleep is very important for your brain activity, and for resting your muscles from the hard working day. Don’t hesitate to take afternoon naps, they will help you fight away the stress which can make you really hungry.

When working out, don’t forget to breathe. Make short rests (for about 25-30 seconds) between exercises, so you can achieve longer fat-burning period. Increase the strength component of your workout, so you can have a better metabolism and a better toned body.

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