This cooking oil was created in the lab and causes lung cancer but Whole Foods uses it daily

It is okay if you aren’t familiar with canola seed. The reason why you are not familiar with it is because it does not exist.

Canola oil isn’t a natural oil, but a commercial name of genetically modified rapeseed. This oil is known to be extremely toxic. That pops up the question why so many food stores use Canola oil in their salads, baked goods, dressing and meals? Even Whole Foods use it.

Canola oil was created by Dr. Baldur Steffanson, in Canada. The raw ingredient that is being used to make this oil is genetically modified rapeseed. Knowing all of that we can safely conclude that organic Canola oil does not exist.

Health risks of consuming foods that contain canola oil:

  • Canola contains high amount of sulfur and it will go rancid very easily. This can lead to allergies and problems in people that have asthmatic or bronchial issues.
  • Canola depletes vitamin E.
  • According to many scientific studies, canola oil can increase the chances for lung cancer.
  • This oil can also increase the rigidity of the membranes, which in turn will lead to degenerative diseases.
  • It will shorten the lifespan of animals.
  • If you consume canola oil regularly, the levels of triglycerides in your body will raise over 40 percent.
  • Canola oil can inhibit the function of enzymes.
  • It can increase the risk of various diseases.

Make sure that you always consume natural foods, and go to food providers that use natural oils. You also need to remember that GMO-free canola oil, does not exist.

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