Clip a Clothespin On the Air Conditioning Vent In Your Car to Refresh the Air

We all want our homes and cars to smell good.

Many people use scented candles or spray air fresheners to keep their houses and cars smelling good. But, many of them contain toxins and chemicals. Have you ever imagined that clothespin can be a successful method for refreshing the air in your car and house?

Let’s find out the details of this amazing trick.

For this trick, you will need some wooden clothespins and one bottle of essential oil. You can choose cinnamon, citrus or other essential oil of your taste. Pour several drops of the essential oil on the clothespin. After that, clip them around your house and on the air vents of your car. This technique will make your car and house smell really nice.

When the smell starts fading, pour more oil onto the clothespins.

Extra tips to refresh the things in your house:


Line your bin with some old newspapers to prevent the garbage odor.

Garbage disposal 

Slice one lemon. Then, put it in the garbage disposal. After that, grind it up.


First, set the oven to 200 degrees. Then, put 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract in a ceramic coffee mug. Put the mug in the oven. Leave it stay for 60 minutes. Enjoy the sweet smell of vanilla in your house.

Use a dryer sheet to prevent dust from accumulating. Put them along all the baseboards in your home.

Watch the video below for more practical household tricks.


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