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How to Cleanse Your Liver with Raisins and Water in Only 2 Days

The liver is a vital organ in our body which performs many essential functions.

The liver has the key role in:

  • Synthesizing proteins
  • Cleansing blood
  • Eliminating toxins
  • Producing bile

So, this organ needs special care in order to prevent fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis A,B, and C.

This natural remedy will help you cleanse your liver in just 2 days. You will only need raisins and water.

Preparation method:

Make sure you pick some good black raisins. In a pot, add 3 rates of water and a cup of black raisins. Then, boil them for 2 minutes. After that, let them stay for 24 hours. The next morning, drink a cup of it.

You can drink it hot or cold, it’s up to you. You will feel the positive effect in only two days.  It is recommended to drink this solution for a whole week. During this treatment, avoid consuming fatty and processed foods, and alcohol.



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