How to Cleanse & Detox Your Kidneys Naturally

When we were children, castor oil was given to us for constipation, deworming, fever or cold. Swallowing the oil is an unpleasant task, but fortunately, your grandparents knew about its health benefits.

It has fatty acids, and it is a triglyceride. It is 90% ricinoleic acid which can prevent the growth of molds, yeasts, bacteria, and viruses.


It’s health benefits are:

  • Immune function improvement

Castor oil has immune-enhancing properties that can improve and support the lymphatic drainage. Abdominal packs of castor oil are used to increase the lymphocyte production, producing more antibodies to battle invading pathogens.

  • It improves the blood flow

Poor blood circulation is one of the first signs of impending chronic diseases. By improving the blood circulation, the blood system pumps the blood to and from the heart, and in return, the body receives nutrients and oxygen. This is an essential process for keeping a healthy body.

  • It balances hormones

When the body is free of toxins in the blood stream, it can balance hormones. That means less PMS symptoms, depression, mood swings and improves hormone-producing glands like thyroid, thymus, adrenals, and pancreas.

  • Digestive health is improved

When taken orally this oil works as a natural laxative and during a bowel movement, it helps with the evacuation. With its cleansing process and nutrient absorption, the ricinoleic acid helps the digestion process. Healthy bowels reduce digestive issues like cramping, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.

  • Soothes arthritic joint pains

Castor oil helps to ease up the congestion, and it helps with relieving arthritic pain because congestion is one of the main causes of inflammation and joint pain. With massaging the oil on the joints, it gets the lymphatic system moving and eases congestion. The improvement of the blood flow severely alleviates the pain.

  • Treats fungal infections

The ricinoleic acids inside the castor oil make it great for treating fungal infections like athlete’s foot, shingles, ringworm and cystic acne. One to two tbs. of castor oil is heated on low heat, and it is applied to the affected area to ease the itch. This process is repeated until and improvement is noticed.

To use the castor oil orally, the user needs to start with a low dosage. It can be mixed with milk or juice to dilute it. Children under the age of 2 are not allowed to drink it.

  • It treats, relieves itches and moisturizes skin

Castor oil treats skin inflammation caused by acne, cracked skin, sunburns or bites. It is applied to the affected area using a cotton ball, and it’s let there for an hour. This process is repeated 2-3 times per day until the skin is healed. Also, it easily penetrates into skin tissue.

It is worth mentioning that it is great for cracked and dry lips. The user just needs to rub some of it on the lips to prevent further chapping.

  • Relieves back and muscle pain

A good way to relieve soreness after working out is to massage the oil on the muscles. It can be mixed with chamomile or peppermint oil for healing effect. The oil is massaged on the back pain area, and then it’s covered with soft and clean cloth. Then, hot water pack is placed on the top and is left there until the pack turns cold. This helps with eliminating the pain and helps increase the blood flow.

  • Stops colic in infants

Castor oil helps when excessive crying occurs during the first months of the life of the baby. Just rub some of it between the hands and gently rub it on the abdomen of the baby. The child will get relief and will fall asleep soon after.

  • Helps with hair growth

If you apply warm castor oil and massage it into the scalp, it will nourish the hair. Just leave it over night and wash it the next morning. This improves blood circulation to the follicles.

  • Scalp conditions and dandruff

Castor oil has antimicrobial properties and by rubbing it into the scalp can clear much of dandruff. One tbs. of castor oil is mixed with one tbs. of olive oil and juice from half a lemon, and it is then applied to the hair roots. This mixture is left there for half and hour and then washed.

  • Helps with erasing stretch marks and scars

Oil is applied to stretch marks and scars in general, two to three times per day to reduce the appearance of the scars. It will promote the growth of new tissue. It is worth noting that applying it during pregnancy helps to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

  • It helps remove corns, skin tags, and warts

It softens the tags, warts, and corns just by applying to the affected area with a cotton wool, and securing it with a bandage.

Helps with liver detoxification, inflammation reduction, improves lymphatic circulation, it supports ovarian and uterine health and breaks down kidney stone. Also, it is very important to drink a lot of water, fresh juices and be on a healthy diet.


Castor oil pack requirements:

  • High-quality castor oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Heat Pad
  • Cotton or wool flannel pad
  • Spa body wrap



 Moisten the cotton with the oil and add one to two drops of lemon essential oil. If Castrol oil is used to detoxify the kidneys, it is applied to the back. It is then secured with body wrap around the whole abdomen. Then, the user must heat up the pad and place it on the cotton pad. It is left to stand there for an hour, and it is important to keep the heat at the place.

The application can be messy and difficult to remove.

It is important to check before using Castrol oil that the user is not allergic to it.

Using too much oil can clog the pores, and lead to breakouts. Consuming it orally during pregnancies is strongly discouraged.

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