Choose the Pen You Like and It Will Reveal Your Personality

Personality is a combination of thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Interestingly enough, color psychology tries to define certain individual traits based on color and shape influences. To be more precise, your favorite shapes and colors can reveal a lot about your personality.

Try this interesting psychological exercise:

Follow these instructions: 

  1. Observe the feathers in the picture below.
  2. Pay attention to the shape and color of the feather.
  3. Then, choose one of the feathers that you like the most.
  4. Read the short explanation of the feather you have chosen.



You have a rich imagination. You are a hard-working person and you constantly work on your self-improvement. Also, your personality is strong and people sometimes perceive you as a bossy person and perfectionist. Your persistent dedication to work is remarkable.


You easily adjust to new surroundings. Also, you enjoy your own company and you love learning new things. You don’t have a lot of friends, but you have a few very close friends that you can always rely on.


You never hesitate to embark on a new adventure. You are very active and you are very good at multitasking. Organisational and communication skills are your positive strength.


You are always willing to help other people. Also, you are very pleasant and friendly person. People enjoy your company and describe you as a very likable person.


You are a creative genius. Undoubtedly, people perceive as an artistic soul and very talented for music and art. But sometimes you lack confidence and you doubt your ability to succeed.

The importance of shape and colors 

The first things that young children learn are colors and shapes. They learn to understand the world by learning to recognize and define them. It prepares them for their future studying and improves their development by comparing and organizing information. The ability to recognize them is fundamental in order to expand their knowledge later from maths to reading.


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