Cholesterol drugs found to increase risk of muscle pain, cell damage, and memory loss

Have you heard of someone using Crestor, Zocor or Lipitor? If you, or someone that you know is using these cholesterol drugs, make sure that you finish reading this article.

Statins are the most common prescription drugs that the Americans use. According to most health experts, these drugs are the only solution to unhealthy levels of cholesterol.

Side effects

One group of Harvard cardiologists were concerned about the current cholesterol guidelines. As it turned out, statins can lead to multiple side-effects like:

  • Muscle ache, soreness and damage to the muscles
  • Mitochondrial damage
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Memory loss and some other neurological issues
  • Sexual dysfunction

The researchers have already recognized the mistakes that were made with the previous studies, and the patients received statins despite of the fact that they did not use any. This was a dangerous practice, because the use of statins can lead to serious damage.

More than 20 percent of all statin users experience soreness, high muscle enzymes and muscle pain. Statins are packed with substances that can poison mitochondria. This means that they can damage your overall health and that they can speed up the process of aging. Despite of damaging the mitochondria, these drugs can also completely kill the cell.

Another group of researchers have observed the effect that statins have on overweight individuals who sit for many hours during the day. The participants of the study followed a specific exercise program and 50 percent of them received statins.

It turned out that the individuals that belonged to the group that received statins, could not improve their fitness levels. What is more, these individuals did not improve their physical condition also. It was like they did not do any exercise whatsoever. Muscle biopsies showed that the capacity for the production of energy in the cells in these individuals was reduced by a whopping 4.5%.

We should also point out that the condition of these people only got worse.

Every person that uses statins should know this. They cause terrible symptoms and side effects, and we have already seen some of them in people that are using these drugs.

Statin alternatives

If you don’t want to continue using statins, you need to sit in front of your computer and do a thorough internet research, in order to find alternatives for these drugs. You need to learn how to naturally lower the bad cholesterol. Remember that the health of the heart matters.

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