Celery offers huge health benefits. Here are 9 reasons why you need to start eating it more often

You probably eat a lot of celery, but you often times mix it with other vegetables and you do not know the things that it can contribute to your health.

Celery is an anti-hypertensive agent that has been known for centuries. It was scientifically proven that it can help the human cardiovascular system. There are some recent studies that confirmed that celery is consisted of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that can regulate the levels of cholesterol and the blood pressure, and can also prevent heart disease and heart attacks.

What is more, celery has tons of health benefits, and we are going to show you 9 reasons why you should consume it more often:

  1. Relieves inflammation

If you feel that you have inflammation in your joints, this vegetable can treat this condition. The reason why it can do that is that it is packed with antioxidants and tons of polyphenols.

  1. You can treat bad cholesterol with it

Celery contains butylphthalide which can lower the cholesterol in the human body. This was recently tested and it was proven that just two stalks of celery can lower the LDL by 7 percent.

  1. Improves digestion

It contains lots of insoluble fiber and water, that can improve your digestion and keep your stool in check. According to the doctors, it is one of the best diuretics out there, because of the cleansing properties that it contains.

  1. Regulates high blood pressure

Celery contains an active compound that is called phthalides, that can boost your blood circulation by 14 percent. If you eat it regularly, you will be able to regulate the stress hormone in your body.

  1. It can help you lose weight

Celery contains just 10 percent calories and the rest of it is water. Just by eating one stalk of celery can make you feel full while improving your overall health at the same time.

  1. It reduces stress

100 mg of celery contains 11 mg. of magnesium. Because it contains magnesium, it means that it can lower the stress that we are feeling. This means that it will relax your nerves and it will also improve your sleep.

  1. It regulates the pH values

The pH levels in the human body must always be normal. Having acidic environment in your body will result in numerous diseases, including cancer. Most of the diseases thrive in acidic environments. Eating celery will help you balance this because it will help you lose the acidic state in your body.

  1. Increases your libido

Celery is packed with two key sex pheromones. The first one is androstenone and the second androstenol. By consuming celery, you will have higher arousal levels.

  1. It can battle cancer

A recent study confirmed that celery can fight breast cancer. It can also stop cancerous cells or tissues from growing in your pancreas and colorectal areas. Celery will stop the cancerous cells from growing because it contains a flavonoid called luteolin.

The bottom line here is that the celery is very healthy, and you should consider ingesting more of it. You will soon notice the difference, and you will feel strong and healthy.

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