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Causes of Lower Back Pain and How to Treat It


A pilonidal cyst may be the hidden reason for your lower back pain.

A pilonidal cyst looks like a lump or swelling which forms along the typhoon and appears at the bottom of your tailbone. It occurs when hair punctures the skin so the ingrown hair irritates the skin and causes inflammation. Once the irritated cyst gets infected, it can cause severe pain.

These cysts occur predominantly in men, at the age between the ages 16-25 years. The most common symptoms of pilonidal cyst include lower back pain, fever, redness in the affected part and tenderness in the lower spine.

Fortunately, you can treat this condition naturally. Try the following natural remedies to treat pilonidal cysts and reduce your lower back pain.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective natural solutions for treating skin infections. It balances your body’s pH level, detoxifies your body and prevents DNA damage. All you have to do is put a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar. Then, apply the soaked cotton pad on the affected area. Do this treatment a few times in a day.

Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil acts as a natural antiseptic and has powerful healing properties. Put some tea tree oil on the affected area.


Add turmeric to your favorite meals. This powerful herb is a natural painkiller and has potent anti-inflammatory activity. Another option is to mix turmeric and water and apply this mixture on the affected area. Repeat this treatment three times a day.

Garlic and Epsom salt 

Garlic has a powerful antioxidant activity which protects your immune system. Epsom salt speeds up the healing process and prevents infections. Add two cups of Epsom salt in a bathtub filled with warm water. Stay in the bathtub for half an hour. This natural solution is a rich source of magnesium and sulfate, important minerals which remove the toxic material out of your body. Do this treatment twice a day.

Warm bath

Taking a warm bath reduces the symptoms which the pilonidal cyst causes. All you have to do is stay in a bathtub filled with warm water for half an hour to reduce the pain and prevent recurring pilonidal cysts. Practice this treatment regularly.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Drink half a glass of Aloe Vera juice every day.


Fenugreek is also a very powerful anti-inflammatory herb. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of fenugreek and 1/2 glass of boiled water. Let the mixture cool down. Then, your tea is ready to drink.


Being physically active is very important for your overall health, especially for your lower back. Walking improves the stability of your spine and improves your body posture. You can also try yoga as it helps with chronic aches.

Castor oil

Castor oil treats pain, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the healing process. Apply warm castor oil on the affected area. Then, cover the area with a bandage. Do this treatment three times a day.

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