Be careful! The e-cigarette is not so safe as you thought!


Most people think that electronic cigarettes are a good and healthy way to quit smoking.

There are some studies however, that show the exact opposite. They show that e-cigarettes are dangerous for the oral health of the people that use them. One of those studies was published in the PLOS One journal, and it asserted that their vapor contains nanoparticles that are extremely dangerous for the upper layer of the skin cells in the mouth.

Dr. Shen Hu and his colleagues were examining the impact that the vapor from the e-cigarettes has on our cells. They took examples of the cells in the oral cavity, or to be more specific, from the part of the mouth that is behind the teeth and gums.

Later, they used a device which copies the use of an electronic cigarette, and analyzed the vapor. They found that there is a concentration of particles.

Their discovery left them with their jaws dropped.

It turned out that the vapor that comes out of the electronic cigarettes, eliminates more than 85% of the cells in the mouth!

The researchers also found out that the vapor included metal, silica and some carbon nanoparticles. The amount of the particles depended on the flavor of the vapor and the brand that produced it.

The vapor lowers the levels of glutathione, which is an antioxidant responsible for the protection of the cells. These researches are considered to be very important for the general health of the people, even more so because e-cigarettes are getting more popular by the day.

The CDC released numbers which showed that the usage of electronic cigarettes has doubled between the period of 2011 and 2012. They are mostly used by the students in high school.

You should be aware of the health risks that e-cigarettes pose!


Electronic cigarettes contain nanoparticles, which in turn contain some dangerous chemicals that can worsen your oral health. The fact that they are more and more popular does not mean that they are healthy, and the manufactures need to notify the public that their products contain some dangerous chemicals that damage their oral epithelial cells.

Dr. Hu and his team will continue their research in order to inform the public of the danger that e-cigarettes pose to their health.

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