Why you cannot lose weight!? This hormone is the reason, and what to do to solve this issue!


Many people are facing problems with their weight and they are doing their best in order to lose it, but sometimes it doesn’t quite go as planned.

The reason for that can be a hormone called leptin. This hormone can prevent the loss of weight. The function of this hormone is to balance the weight of the body and the level of energy. It can pass through the blood-brain barrier and can connect with the receptors that are located in the hunger area of our brains. This enables the brain to recognize the amount of food that the body needs.

It also improves the activity of the of the nervous system. This supportive nervous system enables the fat tissue to burn energy. There are many cases however, where the body resists this hormone and its activities.

This can be possible in cases where this hormone cannot travel to the right target and it cannot control your appetite. It can also happen when the receptors on which leptin connects, don’t work properly and the seals that cause the leptin to react fail to receive the signal. This happens mostly in people who have obesity problems.

What this means is that if your hormone lever has been high, your body can become insensitive to it and it won’t be able to follow the signals that indicate that it had enough food. In other words, the person with this problem, always feels the need to eat.

Signs for leptin resistance:

  • Uncontrollable cravings
  • Weight gain
  • Eating while stressed
  • Late night eating
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Sleeping problems
  • Cravings for sugar
  • Inability to lose weight
  • The person becomes stressed
  • Increase in triglycerides
  • Feeling fatigued right after the meals
  • Lack of motivation
  • Craving for snacks after you finish with your meal

In order to improve this situation, you will need to stop with the consumption of:

  • Sugar
  • Fructose corn syrup
  • Carbohydrates
  • Foods that fat-heavy

You should also avoid grain carbs and you should try consuming natural foods. You can consume the fat that avocados, coconut oil, butter, nuts, animal fats and coconuts contain. Instead of processed foods and carbohydrates, you should include protein and fiber. Exercising is another important thing because it is good for your entire body and helps restore the leptin resistance.

Proper sleep is also essential, because the level of leptin in the human body is connected with the deficiency of sleep. Always try to solve these problems as soon as they appear.

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