Cannabis oil cures 3 year old boy of cancer!

Landon Riddle, a young three-year-old boy was diagnosed with leukemia, and the doctors predicted that he had 10% chance of survival.

Sierra Riddle, his mother remembers that his chest was full of leukemia tumors and that he could not breathe. They started treating the young boy with chemo, but they told his mother that he will probably not going to make it.

He was treated with chemotherapy for 2 months and his condition worsened, he felt sick and lost his appetite. He was constantly vomiting and the doctors lost all the hope that he might improve in the future.

But, his grandmother suggested that they should try cannabis oil. Because of that they moved to Utah, so that they can try this treatment legally. After just a few days of treatment, the boy started eating more and vomiting less.

His mother wrote on her blog that Landon’s condition just improved from that point on. She cannot understand why would someone get charged for choosing a treatment that actually works over pharmaceuticals. She also stated that having a sick child is a great battle, but making an unpopular choice like that is a whole new world.

Sierra says that if you feel that something is not working and it is wrong, then it probably is. Landon’s cancer is currently in remission. You can learn more about their story in the video below:


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