Cancer-causing ingredient found in Colgate toothpaste

Colgate is one of the most widely used and certainly one of the most popular toothpaste brands in the world.

It has a reputation of a safe and stable product, that can be used by both children and grownups. A recent study however, showed that the toothpaste from this manufacturer includes an extremely dangerous substance, that can support the development of many diseases and conditions, including cancer.

This dangerous substance is known as Triclosan, and it can be found in deodorants, laundry detergents, hand sanitizers and antiseptics. The Chemical Research in Toxicology magazine, has recently published a study, which states the dangers of this substance. The study claims that high amounts of this particular substance can lead to cancer.

It can enter the blood through the skin, and it can cause hormonal imbalance. The Colgate-Palmolive Company, the company that produces this toothpaste, stated that their products are always tested and 100% safe to use.

According to Colgate, ”Total” is safe. They point out to the rigorous process by the FDA, which approved the toothpaste in 1997.

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