Can a Needle Save the Life Of a Person Suffering a Stroke?

Have you ever imagined that a needle can save a person from suffering a stroke?

Believe it or not, this technique has already been proven as effective. It is part of the traditional Chinese medicine,  presented by a Chinese professor. He was the first one to claim that a needle or a syringe can really save the life of a person suffering a stroke. This professor says that everyone should know about this technique so you should share it with the people you know. You might save someone’s life.

There are two types of stroke, ischemic and hemorrhagic. The first one is an aneurysm and the second one is an arteriovenous malformation.  When the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain is reduced, the person suffers a stroke. Then, the capillaries of the brain start to gradually tear, so the person experiencing the stroke needs rest and emergency first aid.

The following tips are more than useful to know. They can be your emergency first aid.

First, you need to stay calm. Don’t try to move the person in order to prevent bursting of capillaries and brain bleeding. Try this unconventional way of treating a stroke immediately. You can use a sewing needle if you don’t have a syringe.

  • First, you should sterilize the needle. Sterilize it over the fire. Then, prick the tips of all 10 fingers.
  • This is not an acupuncture method, so you don’t have to follow some specific instructions. Just make sure that you hold the needle a few millimeters from the nail.
  • Prick the fingers so that blood can flow.
  • Tighten and squeeze the fingers to stimulate the blood flow. The person suffering the stroke will feel better after all 10 fingers start bleeding. That will take a few minutes.
  • In case the person’s mouth is distorted, massage his ears. Keep massaging them until they get red.
  • After that, prick the soft part of the ear by using a needle until two drops of blood come from each ear.
  • When the person regains his consciousness, take him to the hospital.


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