He Burns Coffee Grounds in His Backyard. The Reason? Genius

We all enjoy summer, but dealing with mosquitoes can really ruin this period of the year.

The worst thing is that these insects transmit diseases and make those annoying buzz sounds. They can be repelled chemically, but that’s not the safest alternative. They are too expensive and contain many toxic chemicals. To avoid the annoying mosquitoes, there is a natural solution for that.

Have you ever imagined that coffee grounds can help you keep mosquitoes away? The Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that coffee grounds are effective in repelling other insects as well.

When insects sniff coffee grounds, they go the other way.

How to use them?

The procedure is very simple. Put fresh or used coffee grounds in a bowl. After that, cover them with aluminum foil. Keep the bowl in cool, dark place, as they should be dry. Then, put the grounds on a sheet of foil or bowl. Make sure you put it on a flat surface outdoors. Then, burn it up like incense.

You can also burn the grounds inside. Just make sure you keep the windows wide open.

When you are hosting your family or friends, put the bowl in the main spot of the room or backyard.

If the grounds are not strong enough, add fresh bay leaf with the coffee grounds. When the weather is windy, burn up to 5 bowls in order to ensure coverage. Do the same procedure if your outdoor area is large.

Try this cheap and eco-friendly method to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects. Enjoy the mosquito-free summer.

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