Boy no longer autistic due to gluten-free, dairy-free diet


In 2006, a one-year-old boy named Ethan was diagnosed with Autism. He couldn’t sleep more than two hours a day or night.

After seeing her son spend 20 months in sleepless nights and exhaustion, she decided to remove dairy products and wheat from his diet. 3 days later, he was able to sleep all night long.

There are certain dietary changes, that can improve the connection between the brain and the gut. Most autistic children are sensitive to wheat, because they have more antibodies that react to wheat gluten. These antibodies fight the wheat gluten like it is a foreign object in the body.

There was a study, that was published by the Journal of Child Neurology, that confirmed that gluten free diets have effectively reverse seizures and autism.

There are people who are skeptical that this kind of diet can improve the condition of children suffering from autism. Of course, there are people who have tried it, and they say that the proof lies in gluten-free pudding and not in scientific publications. Nothing can beat the feeling that the parents have, when they begin to notice the improvements in their child’s condition.


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