Best Yoga Moves For Losing Weight

yoga to lose weight

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that is older than most of the known meditation disciplines. Some scientists think that Yoga is about 10.000 years old. The basics of Yoga are specific bodily postures that include breath control and simple meditation. Some people believe that Yoga is not a sport, but a religion, where one can find peace within the forces of nature, acknowledging every living thing as a life force field from which can dig energy and use it to heal everything and anything.

Yoga history can be divided into four periods of innovation and practice development- Pre- classical, Classical, Post- classical and Modern Yoga. We would like to talk to you about modern yoga practice and the best developed moves for losing weight.

  1. Half moon pose- Try to be like the moon, shiny and full of energy! Keep your hands up above your head, and try to bend to one side, keeping your hands together, and your elbows straight, but don’t bend forward. Look! You are half a moon! Now try it on the other side. Don’t forget to slowly breathe in and breathe out. Can you feel the energy?
  2. Warrior pose- Imagine you are on the battlefield and you have to show your strength to your enemy, so look wider and bigger than you are! Bend your right knee, turn up your torso in the same direction as your bended knee, and spread wide your arms feeling every muscle on your body. Now, do it on the other side, but do it slowly, make your enemy flee!
  3. Be a tree- Try to put all your weight on one leg, and try to fix your other leg on the first one, bending your knee and turning it on the outside. Raise your hands together like you are praying near your nose and try to concentrate standing on one leg for a long time. Then try the other leg. See how hard it is to be a tree?
  4. Butterfly- Sit down and close your toes together, with help of your hands. Slowly move your knees up and down. Be a butterfly! Fly!
  5. Plank pose- This pose is very similar to the push- ups. The difference is that after you go into position for doing push-ups, you don’t move. You should try to form a straight line with your body, from your heels to your head. Keep this pose for 30 seconds or up to one minute, then release your muscles slowly.

Yoga practice demands strength in your muscles and your spirit. By doing this exercises you can also learn about your body needs and your soul demands. Combine them with a healthy life code and feel your weight difference in a short period of time.

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