This Is the Best Marriage Advice By a Father to His Son


Marriage is most often a real challenge.

There are no rules when it comes to the definition of marriage, so no advice guarantees a successful marriage.

However, there are several basic principles that apply to almost every marriage. The story of a father advising his son on marriage has become very popular. His wise lesson is based on finding the person that will complete you, support you, and encourage you. Mutual understanding is the key to having a healthy relationship.

How did this father explain his approach to marriage to his son?

  • If a man spends too much money on a woman and she enjoys that without thinking of saving money from time to time, then he shouldn’t marry her.
  • Marry a woman who has a strong maternal instinct. If she takes care of you, she will take care of your children too.
  • Don’t restrict her function in your family. You should never associate her position only with the kitchen. Your wife has many more qualities.
  • Make your wife laugh more. Her smile should be the most important thing to you.
  • This might sound strange to you, but let your wife control your finances. She won’t be spending too much when she will be in charge of the home needs and bills.
  • You mustn’t beat your wife.
  • Once you get married, stop acting like a bachelor.
  • Stay connected to your wife and nurture your relationship. You are not harvesting large farmlands like we used to, so you have plenty of time for that.
  • Hug your wife every day.
  • Don’t get carried away when you start making more money. Remember who stood by your side in your hardest moments.
  • Let her know that you missed her.
  • If you notice that your wife has changed, it means that you’ve stopped paying attention to her as you used to.
  • If she can’t endure when you are facing financial crisis, she shouldn’t enjoy your riches too.
  • Don’t compare your wife to other women.
  • You should have equal rights in your home.
  • Don’t judge her if she is not a virgin.
  • Try to handle your problems on your own. No one else should be interested in your privacy.
  • Support your wife’s dreams. Help her achieve her goals and be her unconditional support. She would appreciate that.
  • Take care of your parents.
  • Remember to pray for your family. Faith in God will help you stay calm in tough situations.
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