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You Should Do These Beauty Habits Every Night

There are several factors which influence your skin health.

Certain chemicals found in beauty products, pollution, toxins, and UV rays can significantly damage your skin.

These external influences cause dry skin, covered with wrinkles and dark spots.

Skin care is very important, so make sure you do these things before you go to sleep. The next morning, you will wake up with rejuvenated and glowing face.

Remove your makeup 

If you don’t remove the makeup before bedtime, you will clog the pores, which will eventually lead to acne, dark spots, and dry skin. So, don’t forget to cleanse your face every night. Then, apply some face moisturizing cream to hydrate your skin.

Use a toner 

Facial toners clean the face and reduce bacteria growth on you face. Note that you should choose quality skin toner. Then, wipe the face and neck before you go to sleep.

Eye cream 

The area around you eyes often give away the first signs of aging. Apply an eye cream to tighten the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes.

Use silk pillowcases 

You probably didn’t know this, but silk has 18 essential amino acids and natural proteins, which polish and refresh your face. Silk pillowcases are very smooth, so your hair won’t get tangled or knotted.

Turn on a humidifier 

Switch on the humidifier in order to moisturize the air in your bedroom. In this way, you will prevent drying and cracking of your skin.

Apply hand cream 

Wash the hands with warm water and mild soap. Then, pat them dry by using a cotton towel. After that, apply the hand cream to hydrate your hands and they will look beautiful in the morning.

Pin-up the hair

You should always tie up your hair during the night to prevent tangling. When the oils and dirt of your hair get into touch with your face, they cause acne and pimples, so by tying up you hair, you will prevent that too.

Apply petroleum jelly on your feet 

Wash the feet and pat them dry. After that, apply moisturizing foot cream of petroleum jelly. Massage the feet gently to soften your feet. This natural treatment is an excellent feet care, which will exfoliate the skin on your feet, so they don’t look dry.

Brush your teeth 

Keeping your teeth clean is very important, so brushing them every night is mandatory in order to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

Get your beauty sleep 

Getting enough quality sleep is necessary for the body to function properly. You need 7-8 hours sleep in order to wake up refreshed and prevent dark circles under your eyes.

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