Be aware of the problems that can occur as a result of elevated levels of blood sugar!


Usually, when something is not good for our body, the body gives us signals so that we can notice that the things that we are doing are not right.

At first glance, a moderate mending of wounds, obscured vision and steady yearning do not seem to be linked, but if they appear at around the same time, it is an indicator of high levels of glucose in your body.

The human blood contains glucose. When the glucose in the blood is at its normal levels, it gives the body, the organs, and the cells vitality. But, in order to keep the levels of glucose in normal amounts, the body needs insulin. Insulin is a hormone that takes the glucose and it sends it to the cells of the body. In people that are suffering from type 1 diabetes, the disease actually attacks the cells that are located in the pancreas, which are responsible for the creation of insulin. In people that suffer from type two diabetes, on the other hand, their bodies produce insulin, but it is unable to utilize it properly.

What is the reason for high blood sugar?

When you are worried or anxious, the body will produce more hormones in order to battle with the sickness or the stress. This will eventually active the glucose and it will increase its amount. Other reasons are:

  • Drinking and eating more than expected
  • Contamination or disease
  • Some kind of drugs
  • Inadequate amounts of insulin in your body
  • Surgery or some kind of injury
  • Lack of physical activity than usual

Indications of high blood sugar

When the glucose levels in the body are high, they will lead to some type of issues. After a while, the veins will be damaged, which can lead to numerous health problems. High levels of glucose in the body can lead to heart disease or stroke, kidney issues and reduced eyesight or loss of vision. It can also lead to numerous skin conditions and contaminations and wounds. It is very important to learn how to recognize these problems because that ability will save you from lots of trouble later on.

  1. Tingling or burning sensation

High levels of glucose in the body can lead to numbness or shiver in the hands, feet, and legs. It is caused by diabetic neuropathy, which is an early indication of diabetes.

  1. Steady hunger

When the levels of glucose are low or high, the vitality of your body will not be as high as it should be, so you may end up feeling hungry all the time, even in cases where you have just finished your meal. This happens because the body is looking for ways to improve its vitality, which leaves you hungry all the time.

  1. Frequent urination

Increased levels of blood sugar will end up in your kidneys and urine, which will draw much more water to your kidneys. This will result in a frequent urination.

  1. Feeling thirsty more than usual

Alongside frequent urination, when the kidneys have higher amounts of sugar than usual, it can lead to you feeling much thirstier than usual.

  1. Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

When you reach the point in which the cells in your body are not getting the amounts of glucose that they require, the body then burns muscle fat in order to maintain its vitality. This can often time result in a seemingly unexpected weight loss. The same thing applies to weight gain.

  1. Concentration loss

When your body is in bad physical condition, it will also reflect on your mental state. High levels of glucose can be the reason behind your inability to concentrate, and problems with your memory.

  1. Slower healing

High levels of glucose can damage the nerves. If you see that your cuts, bruises, and other minor injuries are healing themselves much slower than usual, it is a good idea to check your levels of glucose.

  1. Blurred vision

If you experience a sudden reduction of your vision, it can be because of the fact that you have increased levels of glucose. This is a symptom that is often times overlooked, but you should never overlook it because it can indicate something much more serious than you originally thought.

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