An Italian Doctor Shocked the World: Cancer Is a Fungus That Can Be Treated with Baking Soda! (Video)

Tulio Simonchini, an Italian doctor, claims that cancer is a fungus.

He says that only one ingredient can eliminate cancer effectively. It’s the baking soda. Dr. Simonchini used this method to cure thousands of patients diagnosed with different types of cancer. This Italian doctor assures his patients that this natural therapy is 100% effective.

Dr. Simonchini describes his work as ethical commitment that all doctors should feel for their patients. Finding the cures for diseases which are hard to cure should be doctors’ top priority. Dr. Simonchini also wants to prove that modern oncology and chemotherapy are not always the only solution.

Cancer is a fungus 

About a century ago, there was a theory that cancer is caused by malfunctioning genes. This meant that the disease is intracellular. But, Dr. Simonchini has another theory that cancer is a fungal infection and a special cellular phenomenon.


It has been scientifically proven in both in vivo and in vitro laboratory studies that fungi always carry a tumor with them. Scientists believe that they develop after the disease appeared, but in the opinion of Dr. Simonchini fungi were already there. Therefore, he believes that fungi create cancer, affect your immune system and then attack the whole body. Several studies have shown that every type of cancer is caused by the Candida fungus. Our tissues get weakened over time and they start producing unidentified cells. Specified by Dr. Simonchni, cancer is an ”ulcer” where deformed cells accumulate and form colonies.

Baking soda 

The usual antifungal drugs only attack the surface of the cells, which makes them ineffective solution. Dr. Simonchini explains that baking soda is a iodine tincture which is the best treatment for skin cancer. Several studies confirmed that baking soda has intracellular properties against cancer.

Dr. Simonchini said that he had been using this treatment for more than 20 years. ” Many of my patients have recovered from this terrible disease, even when the doctors said that there is no hope.” Baking soda can be applied as an enema for digestive cancers, intravenous injection for brain and lung tumors. It can also be used as an inhalation for tumors in the upper respiratory system. According to Dr. Simonchini, if baking soda is applied directly into the arteries, internal organ tumors can be treated. He adds that proper dose is of utmost importance. For example, for phleboclisis, you’ll need about 500 cm. of 5% or 8.4% solution. He emphasizes the fact that during  every treatment, tumor colonies come back between the 3rd and 4th day. They suffer a collapse between the 4th and 5th day, so a minimum of 6 days of therapy is needed. The therapy should be repeated for 4 cycles. Except for thirst and weakness, there are no other side-effects. Rubbing a 0.7% iodine tincture on the affected areas 20-30 times a day is an effective method for treating skin cancer. After that, the tumor will not return.

The main symptoms of Candida infection are: Chronic fatigue, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, skin problems, gastrointestinal disorders, mood swings, sugar cravings.

Consult your health care provider if you notice these symptoms.

First of all, avoid foods which contain added sugar like bread, pasta, candy, because sugar and starch feed candida. Follow a diet which consists of raw fruit and steamed vegetables. Dr. Simonchini advises using aluminum-free baking soda for treating skin cancer.

Baking soda improves your pH levels of your blood and makes your body more alkaline, which destroys the fungi. For stomach, colon, rectal, and oral cancer, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water. Drink this mixture every morning and evening for a month. Don’t take it longer than a month. Dr. Simonchini’s therapy also includes intravenous injections as well. For optimal results, you’ll need 500 ml. of 5% baking soda solution. Then, this solution is applied in the vein directly every day. Do this treatment for 42 days. Then, go for a scan. This experienced Italian doctor has a solution for vaginal fungal infections as well. He recommends washing your vagina with a mixture made of 2 l of filtered water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

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