Amazing Uses of Vicks VapoRub Every Woman Should Know

Every woman should know how to take care of her beauty.

Many women spend thousands on beauty treatments, but that’s not the only solution. Luckily, you can take care of your appearance with simple and inexpensive beauty tricks.

Vicks VapoRub is one of the most popular products in the world. It is an effective remedy when it comes to treating cough, cold, and respiratory issues.

Have a look at the following uses of Vicks VapoRub you probably didn’t know before. After reading about the health benefits and variety of uses of this product, you will want to have it in your home anytime.

Softens rough heels 

Apply a thin layer of Vicks VapoRub on your heels. Leave it to act overnight. The next morning, wash your feet. Then, remove the dead skin cells by using a pumice stone. Do this treatment every day.

Keeps your dog from peeing in the house

Put some Vicks VapoRub on places in your house where your pet usually urinates.

Treats nail fungus 

Apply some Vicks VapoRub on the affected area. Leave it to act overnight. The next morning, cut the nail. Do this treatment every evening until the toenail fungus is fully treated.

Treats infections and inflammation 

Cuts and wounds may become infected, but you can prevent the infection going deeper by using Vicks. Vicks VapoRub has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reduces back and neck pain 

Back and neck pain are one of the most common health problems. All you have to do is apply some Vicks VapoRub on the painful area. Vicks VapoRub has pain-relieving properties.

Treats bruises 

Heal bruises naturally with Vicks VapoRub.

Fresh air 

Use Vicks VapoRub in special types of humidifiers. It will increase the humidity and moisture in your room. You will enjoy the fresh air.

Helps you relieve headaches 

Apply Vicks VapoRub on your temples and forehead to reduce headaches.

Repels insects 

Commercial insect repellents contain dangerous chemicals, but Vicks VapoRub is an effective natural solution to keep insects away from your home.

Helps you reduce belly fat

Mix Vicks VapoRub, some alcohol and sodium bicarbonate, and a crushed camphor tablet. Mix the ingredients well. Then, rub your stomach with this solution. Cover the area by using a plastic wrap. Leave it to act overnight.

Reduces stretch marks 

This natural solution will make many women satisfied. Every woman hates dealing with stretch marks, but Vicks VapoRub can help you treat them. Rub Vicks on the area you want to treat. For optimal results, do this treatment for 2 weeks.



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