Why are we always sick, when we eat so healthy?


In the 90s, Shamanism was not a thing yet, and even yoga was less known. The popular thing back then was aerobics.

Millions of people were into aerobics, but there were also some that practiced yoga, and healthy eating. But there are cases where the people that are eating healthy foods, are constantly getting sick. In these cases, they are experiencing some kind of flu, cold or throat infections every other month.

Such is the case of a man that experimented back in the 90s with super foods. He was constantly sick and he was teased by his friends because on one hand he was eating healthy, and on the other he was struggling shaking off the colds and throat pain.

He then became a vegetarian, and then vegan, and he only ate raw foods for a while. That was back in the 90s, and today, he does not cook too much, he eats tons of pizza, meat, and he smokes.

One day, he was working with a client, a close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said to him that she was constantly thinking about what is happening to her, her disease, and she often times asked herself the question “Why me?”. She was also on a healthy diet, she was constantly exercising and she was taking a proper care of her body.

So the question is, why eating well does not always seem to translate to being well?

The truth about our health

If you are a person that is constantly eating healthy foods, but on the other hand, you are a person that is constantly angry at something, it means that you are eating anger. It is all about vibration and awareness.

Somewhere on the internet I read the sentence “What comes out of our mouths is much more important than what goes in.” Of course, what comes of our mouth are our thoughts, and our thoughts are our beliefs, identifications, associations and the fears that we gather in our sub conscience.

What I am trying to say is that we and our overall health, are not always defined from the things that we eat, but we are our thoughts, which are the expression of our feelings.

If you are feeling deep down that you are worthless, then your thoughts will reflect that. You will have to deal with negativity, and your thoughts will generally be negative. You will criticize, berate and judge yourself on a constant basis.

You can then eat all the healthy foods that you like, but if you are always at conflict of yourself, it will make you angry, and anxious, which will lead to some kind of diseases.

We have this mindset that we should eat well, but we are in truth, only eating well for the fear of being unwell. There are millions of people that are being stressed, anxious and afraid, and it seems like as the years go by, it is only getting worse. Most of us that are afraid, do not know what are we afraid of.

We allow ourselves to go through all those tests and ridiculous examinations for fear of some imaginary thing that may be happening. And if you ask someone there are massive chances that he/she will say that they are not even afraid of death. You first need to ask yourself that question.


The reason why some people will answer that kind of question in that particular way, is because we as humans do not think about it often. It is like it’s a taboo. When someone dies, we go at their funeral and then we move on.

There is little discussion about it, and when we do not discuss something, of course that there will be nothing to be afraid of. But yet we are. It is perhaps the greatest fear of them all. But it is buried deep inside of our sub conscience, which leads to the ultimate symptom of human disconnectedness in these modern times: the chasm between our conscious awareness and our sumconscious.

The path to self-knowledge is a thorny, treacherous, and bumpy journey. You will only get well when you know yourself more. You will have less discrepancy between what is in your subconscious and what your conscious mind is aware of.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you that eating healthy foods is a bad thing, it is a great thing. But, it is not the most important one, to make us healthy. We must know ourselves well, in order to remove the angry feelings and the anxiety from our minds.

As humans, we are much more powerful than we realize, and when we begin to accept that power and embody it, it will empower our bodies. And that is the secret to being well. Not healthy foods.

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