Alert! Throw away your fidget spinner immediately – Authorities release new report saying it can kill your child

A recent research has put into light the dangers that hide behind the popular kids’ toys known as fidget spinners.

The researchers discovered that it hides great amounts of contaminants which is harmful for the children all across the world. In order to rotate, these toys use ball bearings and balanced blades.

The thing that is troubling the United States, is that these toys are mostly manufactured in other countries, which don’t have strict quality policies. If these toys are imported from China, the researchers say that it can contain high amounts of lead. But this warning does not include all of the fidget spinners.

The main issue here is that the authorities have difficulties recognizing which fidget spinner contains the dangerous substances, and which does not. The sad truth is, that because of the fact that there are no patents for the production of these toys, no one can prevent them from being manufactured anywhere in the world.

What do the tests say?

Three of these toys were tested for high amounts of lead, with the help of XRF instrument. The results showed that two of these toys were lead free and the last one was high in lead and mercury as well! Then, they disassembled the toy using led lights and they further proved that the fidget spinner contained no small amount of mercury and lead.

1,000 parts per million (ppm) of mercury to be precise, and 19,000 ppm of lead. These numbers are frightening to say the least, because according to science, anything under 90 ppm of lead is safe to be used by children.

Just the pain of this toy contained 334 ppm of lead and 155 ppm of mercury! The base of the toy contained 2,452 ppm of lead and a whopping 1,562 ppm of mercury. The researchers then tested 6 other toys and they have discovered that Yomaxer fidget spinners that cost 31$, contained 42,800 ppm of lead.

It is obvious that the average consumer will not have access to an XRF instrument, so it is best if you try and make your own fidget spinner at home, just to avoid purchasing these toxic toys from the store.

Last month, officials from the EU customs, seized 200,000 fidget spinners. The reason for that was because these toys failed to meet the health standards which the European Union had set.

Parents should also be careful when it comes to other toys, not just fidget spinners. They should always look up the companies that manufacture the toys, in order to ensure their kids’ safety, because nothing is more important than that.

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