According to the latest scientific studies, people who are annoyed by chewing sounds are more intelligent than others


If you have a family member or some friend that likes to chew their food in an obnoxious way, and even if you tell them to stop and that it bothers you, they simply cannot understand it.

What is more, even the sounds that these people make when they eat can be hardly heard, you simply cannot stand it. And it is not just about chewing. If you are annoyed by slurping, babies crying or chewing, you might be a very smart person, according to the researchers.

They have found that people that are generally much more disturbed by the sounds around them, tend to be much more intelligent than others. This means that you are not crazy (if that is what you thought about yourself regarding that matter). If you are unable to focus on the task that you are doing, it can be an indicator that you are more creative as well.

There is a name for this “problem”, and when people are annoyed by chewing and similar sounds, it is a thing that is known as misophonia. What is more, researchers have found that about 20 percent of people that have this condition are highly attentive to specific noises like slurping or chewing. They also have the ability to hear the sounds that 80 percent of the people are unable to even notice. These sounds make them irritable.

We have already mentioned that scientists and researchers believe that people that are annoyed by sounds like chewing are generally much more intelligent than others. There were some studies that were carried out at Northwestern University, and these studies showed that people that have this condition have much higher chances of being creative geniuses. They tend to grasp things better and have the ability to keep their brain focused on some task for a much longer period of time.

The bad news is that these people often struggle to work in a loud environment. Therefore the next time you are annoyed by your slurping boyfriend/girlfriend/friend, tell them about this.

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