A simple way to check your health at home

It is very important that we take a proper care of our health because depending on what we are dealing with, it can save our lives. You can even give yourself a check-up without leaving your home.

There are some people that neglect their health and they don’t go to the doctor as much as they should. They often times cancel their appointments and promise to reschedule them but they never do that. In this article, we are going to show you how to check your health in just one minute.

You need to take a spoon and then use it to scrape it over the surface of your tongue. Make sure that your tongue is wet with saliva. Then, put the spoon into a plastic bag and place it under a bright light like a desk lamp. Then, wait for a minute and check the spoon.

If the spoon is clean with no stains or bad smell, it means that your internal organs are healthy. But, if you notice that something is not right, it can mean that you are experiencing some kind of a problem.

If there is a bad smell coming from the spoon:

When you notice that a strong, rotting odor is coming from the spoon, it can mean that you are experiencing a lung problem. It is a smell that is much worse than the bad breath. It could indicate problems that are ranging from a bad infection to cancer.

When the odor is fruity and sweet, it could indicate diabetes. If your body is not processing the sugar properly, your blood sugar levels will rise, and your cells will start burning fat for energy. This can lead to ketones, which can make your breath smell like fruit.

In case the smell that is coming from the spoon resembles ammonia, it can mean that you are experiencing problems with your kidneys. This smell could be a sign of kidney failure.

If there are stains on the spoon

If the stains on the spoon are yellow or white, with a thick coating, it can mean that you are having problems with the thyroid gland. The conversion of beta-carotene to Vitamin A will depend on the thyroid hormone. A deficiency of vitamin A can be manifested as a buildup of carotene which is yellow in color.

In case the stains are purple, it can be an indicator of poor blood circulation or high levels of cholesterol. It can also indicate bronchitis. Bronchitis will cut down the efficiency of airwaves that will bring the oxygen to the bloodstream, which can cause a purple tint.

If the stains are white, it means that you are suffering from some kind of respiratory infection. White buildup on your tongue can be caused by numerous different viruses and infections.

If the stains are orange, it can be a sign of kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease can cause the tissues in the mouth to look pale because of anemia, or orange because of the deposits of carotene.

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