A Mother Warns About the Danger of Fidget Spinner After Her Son ‘’Nearly Loses His Eye’’

You are probably familiar with the most popular toy nowadays called fidget spinner.

This toy is driving many kids crazy. It was created with the intention to develop fine motor skills in kids with autism or other special education needs. There are many companies that manufacture this gadget and they assure their customers that it reduces stress levels and renew focus and concentration as well. It works by smooth, fast, satisfying, and silent rotation in the hand.

Even musicians confirm that fidget spinner enhances their motor skills before their concerts and performances.

But, it turns out that fidget spinners are not that ‘’naïve’’ toys and fun to play with. An Australian mom, called Molly, was terrified when her 11-year-old son Isaac suffered a horrible experience after playing with this toy. Molly explained that she saw him throwing the spinner up a little higher. Then, her son didn’t manage to catch the spinner and suffered a serious eye injury. When the spinner came down, it clipped the corner of his eye and crunch. Isaac now has a scar which impedes him to see out of the corner.

‘’He could’ve lost his eye.’’ Thank God, this kid had luck.

Fidget spinners have an interesting shape and kids love competing to see who is better at performing rotations and tricks.

They can be found in different shapes and colors, originally invented to relieve stress.

However, many concerned teachers banned this tool who describe it as something that distracts students’ attention. Obviously, they’re right.

Fidget spinners are everywhere, so kids can buy them at any time. So, parents should be exceptionally careful these days and keep an eye on what their kids are doing.

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