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9 quick ways to lose your thigh fat

There is no specific way to quickly lose weight in your legs, but you can read this article to find out what to do in order to trim the weight down.

Kick up the cardio

The key to reducing your overall body fat is to burn more calories. Cardio exercises will help you do that. You need to choose those exercises that burn the most calories like jumping rope, running and biking. You will need to do 60 minute sessions 5 times a week, to really notice a significant difference.


It is very beneficial to pump up the incline of your treadmill, or to find some hill to run or bike up. You can also take the stairs to your office, instead of using the elevator. You will feel that your heart rate will increase. This means that you are burning more calories than you would burn on a flat surface. Inclines will also target your hamstrings, thighs and will tone your lower body.

Spot tone

All the cardio will strip away the extra layer of fat that surrounds the lower body. You will want to reveal toned and strong muscles underneath that layer. By doing exercises that will sculpt your outer and inner thighs, butt and hamstrings, will make your legs look slimmer and leaner.

Fuel your day

It is very important that you don’t skip breakfast, because it is very important for your metabolism. The first meal of the day will energize your metabolism, which will significantly reduce your body fat. You will need to stay away from sugary foods and instead choose a combo of fiber-filled complex carbs and protein. The protein is in charge of giving you energy, and it will help you build muscle, while the carbs will keep you full and will sustain your energy levels.

Record your meals

Exercise alone will not give you the desired effect. You need to cut calories and you will also need to know your daily calorie intake. This may seem somewhat tedious, but it works. To lose one pound a week you will need to cut 500 calories a day. 250 of those need to come through exercise and 250 through diet.

Snack often

Hunger can cause your body to overheat, so be sure to eat a snack between your regular meals. You need to remember to keep the snack under 150 calories, and also to choose foods that are high in fiber and protein.

Drink more water

You will save hundreds of calories just by avoiding fruit juices and sodas. Water contains zero calories and it will keep you hydrated. This will help with weight loss. Please drink water often, and before meals because it will encourage portion control.

Sleep right

Getting enough rest also aids weight loss. Sleepiness will make people too tired to work out, and it will also encourage them to eat more.

Consider your genetics

If you have a pear-shaped body, there is not really much that you can do about it. Eating right, taking care of yourself and regular exercising will not change much. In this case, you need to remember to not stress or obsess about it.

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