9 common stroke signs in ladies


Stroke is a serious condition, which kills thousands of Americans each year.

It occurs, when certain brain part doesn’t get enough oxygen and nutritive elements.

In most cases, blood circulation in the brain becomes impaired because blood clots block one of the arteries, which normally deliver blood to the brain tissue. Doctors say that these ischemic strokes are responsible for 80% of all brain attacks.

Sometimes blood flow in the brain may be reduced temporary that causes transient ischemic attack, also known as mini-stroke. The problem is also about blood clots, but in the TIA there is no constant cells damage and symptoms disappear within several minutes. However mini-stroke shows that brain arteries are extremely narrowed. This may eventually result in permanent damage of the brain cells and disability.

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Another possible reason is rupture of the blood vessel within the brain. This usually happens, if this vessel has weak spots in the wall (aneurysm). But hemorrhagic stroke may be also a result of head traumas, poorly-controlled hypertension and overusing blood thinners like warfarin.

When blood vessel in the brain bursts, certain brain region becomes oxygen-deprived and die off in a short period of time. In addition to this, blood leaks to the surrounding tissues and destroys cells.

Statistics shows that men are much more likely to develop stroke. However women have more lifetime risks and greater chances to die from the brain attack.

According to data of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every five women in the US suffers from stroke, and approximately 60% die from stroke.

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Stroke ranks third among the most common death causes in women. At the same time, it takes fifth position in the death-list for men.

There is high number of factors that can boost your risks of getting stroke. For example, being overweight, physically inactive or overusing alcohol can result in brain attack, as well as in heart attack.

Other common risk factors include diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure and too high blood cholesterol levels.

It was found that pregnancy may elevate your risks for stroke, as it raises blood pressure and puts stress on the heart.

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Studies found that women, who take birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, have higher risks for stroke occurrence.

It’s extremely important to catch the problem early. The longer stroke symptoms last, the lower chances of successful treatment and full recovery a patient has.

The problem is also that women may have unique symptoms. So it might be rather difficult to understand that these are related to stroke.

Seek for medical help immediately, if noticed any of these symptoms in yourself or in the loved one:

#1. Sudden general weakness

#2. Loss of orientation, unresponsiveness and confusion

#3. Abrupt changes in behavior

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#4. Loss of consciousness

#5. Auditory or visual hallucination

#6. Seizures

#7. Breathlessness

#8. Numbness and/or weakness in extremities. This usually occurs in one side of the body, for example in the left arm and left leg.

#9. Poor coordination and sudden walking problems

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