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9 benefits of ice cubes on skin

The ice cube is the most underrated skin product, when it comes to beauty hacks.

It is extremely versatile and very easy to make. The best thing is, it is practically free.

Ice cubes offer amazing effects when they are used on the face. These effects and benefits will make it easier to deal with skin issues and will elevate your beauty routine. We will show you 9 amazing ways that can transform your skin.

Benefits of ice cubes

  1. They can shrink pimples

Shrinking acne is one of the most popular benefit from using ice cubes on your face. The ice can reduce the swelling and calm the redness, especially if you have cystic acne. Ice cubes can relieve pain in pretty much the same way it numbs bruises.

You have to remember however, that pimples are very sensitive and full of bacteria, and you should be very gentle and careful when you apply an ice cube on your face. To avoid undesired effects, always wrap the cube in a clean paper towel.

  1. Revive sallowness

You can fix dull skin just by running an ice cube on your face. The coldness from the ice will boost your blood circulation, that in return will bring back the natural color of your skin. You can double this effect if you apply it in the morning.

  1. Skin massage

If you wrap a couple of ice cubes in a thin paper towel and then gently rub it on your face, you can effectively treat your face. You will be able to feel the edges and bumps of the ice cubes trough the towel. This will increase your circulation and will give your face a nice massage.

  1. Reduce inflammation

Ice cubes can lessen irritation and redness. Maybe you had a bad allergic reaction or your rosacea is flaring up. Whatever the case may be, easing inflammation is a great benefit that ice cubes offer.

  1. Soothe sunburns

If you exposed yourself too much to the sunlight, you can always apply aloe vera ice cubes on your face. Aloe vera provides a cooling effect, that will feel absolutely amazing on your sunburned skin. You can also try cucumber ice cubes because they will provide pretty much the same effect. You just need pureed cucumber and water.

  1. Relieve puffy eyes

One of the most popular beauty hack is using tea bags to soothe puffy eyes. But you can take it up a notch by placing green tea ice cubes on your skin to ease puffiness, especially in the area around your eyes. Remember to use a very strong cup of tea.

  1. Exfoliate

You can make a cheap facial with a milk ice cubes. Because the milk contains lactic acid, it will scrub away the dead cells and freshen up your face. For extra exfoliating power, you can even add blueberries or cucumber.

  1. Stop wrinkles

You can apply ice cubes on your face on a daily basis, if you are worried about wrinkles. This facial will limit the chances of wrinkles cropping up, because it will quickly tighten your skin. Why spend money on some expensive wrinkle creams, if you can do it at your home for practically free.

  1. Prime skin

If you use a primer under foundation, you can rub an ice cube on your face, before applying the makeup. This will smoothen your skin by temporarily minimizing your pores, and your makeup will look perfect.

You now know how to use ice cubes for your benefit, and you should go and experiment. You can even freeze your preferred natural face scrub recipe. The best thing is that your skin will love it.

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