8 professional secrets to overcome stress

Every day we face stressful overloads – at work and at home, in public transport and in the queue at the grocery store. However, usually these stresses are situational, so that they can not have a significant impact on our psychological health. However, only if you do not pay too much attention to them.

According to statistics, more than 70% of the population of large cities regularly encounter physical symptoms caused by stress. Among them: fatigue, headaches, indigestion, muscle tension, loss of appetite (or, on the contrary, stressful overeating), as well as a decrease in sexual desire.

At the same time, about 80% of people notice psychological symptoms, such as irritability, anger, nervousness and lack of energy. Fortunately, there are simple ways to cope with the stress, which work surprisingly quickly. Read them to stay calm even in extreme situations:

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#1. Write down everything that comes to mind. What are you worried about? Try to write about it for 15 minutes every night. This simple exercise can raise immunity and improve the overall condition

#2. Be choosy when buying ingredients for a dish you want to cook. Food can help you deal with stress. However, it should be healthy, otherwise you will see excess pounds quite soon. They can become the next reason to have even bigger stress.

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#3. Tighten all of your muscles. Take a few deep breaths. Deep breathing helps reduce heart rate and stress levels. Try progressive muscle relaxation: start with the feet, strain the muscles, then relax. Move along the body, straining each muscle group and relaxing again.

#4. React correctly or do not react at all. It often happens that the source of stress is the people around you. If you can not change the situation, you can change your reaction. Remember this.

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#5. Stop the flow of your thoughts. Stop thinking about all problems and unpleasant situations. It is better to think about everything after a while, or the next day. In such a case you will relax your nervous system. Ventilate your mind. Anything can be suitable: walk or jog in the park, hike to the mall, walk with a friend. Walk brings physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Many life problems were solved during long walks. Time spent with a friend or in a pleasant company will help get rid of sadness and expand your horizons. Communication does not have to cost money. Instead of going to an expensive restaurant, organize a tea party at home. People who have close friends are less likely to have cardiovascular disease.

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#6. Spend an hour on your hobby and things you like. Spend a week, a day or at least a few hours for your favorite occupation. Many will say that stress takes away inspiration. Then take care of at least something. Any activity distracts from experience. Sport, household chores, even simple everyday tasks will allow you to escape from obsessive experiences and come to your senses a little. Paint, do modeling, embroidery, crochet or knitting, at home or in the company. This also reduces stress. According to several studies, cancer patients who participated in group sessions of meditation and art therapy experienced a significant drop in stress levels and improved quality of life.

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#7. Stimulate your nerves. Massage your hands. According to studies published in 2008 in the journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine, just five minutes of hands massage significantly reduces the level of stress in the body. The same conclusion was later made by researchers from the University of Miami, who proved that massage affects the biochemistry of the body, relieves depression and anxiety

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#8. Try different classic methods. For example, listen to music. It is proved that music has the ability to change the chemical composition of body cells, and this should be borne in mind. So turn on your favorite radio when you are going to work, do not give up headphones when you are on the subway, and in moments of special stress listen to classical music or relaxation tunes. Experts point out that musical accompaniment is one of those things, thanks to which you can make your own day incredible. Listen to your favorite comedian. Look at the funny movie. Read a funny book. Tell a friend an anecdote. Do something that makes you laugh. Laughter is the best cure for stress. Have a pet. Pets can cheer us and improve our psychological state. Studies have shown that they also lower the level of stress. If you do not want unnecessary worries related to a pet, offer to take a walk with a neighbor’s dog or volunteer in an animal shelter.

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