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8 Minutes Exercise Before Bed, See What Happens In a Month!

Do an eight-minute workout before bed and see what happens in a month!

If you just can’t find time during the day to exercise this bedtime workout will help you stay fit flexible and fabulous.

You’ll go to bed feeling refreshed, you’ll sleep better and your muscles will be nice and relaxed by morning.

Keep reading to follow along with this low-impact workout it’s quick and easy, there’s no equipment needed and you can squeeze it in before sleep.

You’ll start with a quick warm-up which is necessary even when doing light and easy exercises.

Warm-up (arm circles and high knees)

Arm circles

The clock will be set at 30 seconds. Start by doing arm circles stand with your back straight, bring your arms over your head as you lower them.

Make your palms face down and move them away from your chest toward your back breathe in as you bring your arms up and breathe out as you lower them. This move will help loosen up your shoulders neck and chest.

The clock will be set at 30 seconds.

Stand tall and set your feet in a comfortable position. Raise your right knee so that your leg is at a 90-degree angle, now switch to the other leg and keep switching at a quick pace to make sure you’re bringing your knee-high enough you can bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and touch your knee to your hand.

To make this move harder at a slight jump to the exercise you look like you’re running in place while you bring your knees up high.

Main workout


Now let’s get started with the proper workout the clock will be set at 60 seconds, do as many squats as you can in this time period.

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart as you squat, make sure your back is straight and that your knees don’t extend beyond your feet the key is to push your hips back and go as low as you can.

If that’s too difficult you can place a chair behind you to balance yourself. Simply touch the chair lightly with your glutes and then head back up. Don’t use the chair to bounce though.

Squats are a great full-body exercise because they work your thighs hamstrings, glutes, calves, poor and abs.

Donkey kicks

You’ll need to get down on all fours, here you can use a mat for better comfort and protect your knees.

The clock will be set at 60 seconds. Raise your right leg behind you your legs should be raised high enough that it’s parallel to the floor and forms a 90-degree angle. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders. Now switch legs and keep going.

If you need to rest take a ten-second break in the middle and then get back to it.

Your back should be straight and not curved at all as you raise your leg. Avoid using momentum and letting your leg drop back down as you’ll be missing out on the workout if you do keep the movement control.

If you wish you had glutes that were more toned this is the exercise to do. Donkey kicks will tone tighten and strengthen your buttocks.


Now get ready for some push-ups. The clock will be set at 60 seconds. Your form is crucial when it comes to push-ups. Start in a plank position and make sure your hands are shoulder-width apart as you lower your body make sure your back is straight and that your glutes are not sticking out.

For an easier approach, you can modify the exercise by letting your knees rest on the floor whether you’re doing the standard push-up or the modified version.

This move is a great strength training exercise that will work your chest muscles, shoulders, triceps and arms. It will also strengthen your core.

Squat and side crunch

Now stand up, put your hands behind your head and keep your arms wide open, stand in a wide stance with your toes facing out.

The clock will be set at 60 seconds. Lower your body into a wide squat, your legs should almost be at 90 degrees, as you stand up lift your right leg and bend. Your core to the right so that you need an elbow meet. Bring your leg down and return to the original squat position, now do it on the other side and keep going.

This move will target your abdominal and work on your oblique muscles, it’s a great exercise to get rid of love handles.

Plank Ups

Back to the floor, get down into a plank position. The clock will be set at 60 seconds. Lower your right forearm to the mat and then your left forearm. Now press up with your right hand and then your left to lift yourself into the original position, keep going and do as many as you can.

Remember to hold the proper plank position, the same one you use for push-ups. Your hand should go where your elbows work, your head neck and spine should be aligned keep your abs engaged and tight.

This is a killer move that will strengthen your core and it will also tone up your arms, shoulders, glutes, and abdominals. If this is too intense try holding an elbow plank position. Hold yourself up by your forearms for as long as you can.

Standing crossover toe-touches

Stand with your feet wider than your hips. The clock will be set at 60 seconds, extend your arms to your sides, rotate your torso to the right with your left-hand reach for the area in front of your right foot, do the same on the opposite side. This move involves your lower back and targets your abdominals and obliques. It will improve your flexibility and strength. If you find it difficult to wind down before bed this exercise will work wonders.

A great part of this entire exercise routine is that it’s low-impact, so this exercise is safe if you have problems with your knees, and if you live in an apartment you don’t have to worry about waking up your downstairs neighbor at 10 p.m.

Cooldown (quadriceps stretch and rhomboid stretch)

It’s important to take the time to cool down after any exercise, the clock will be set at 30 seconds. Do a quick quadriceps stretch, bring your right foot up to your glutes and hold it in place with your hand. You’ll stretch the quadriceps and your leg will feel great.

Now switch sides. Doing this cool-down will ensure that your muscles are nice and loose for when you get up in the morning.

Rhomboid Stretch

Now try doing a rhomboid stretch a clock will be set at 30 seconds. Put your right arm across your chest and use your left hand to pull your arm closer to your chest. You’ll feel your shoulder blades parting gently.

Now try it on the other side.

Whether you’re an early riser and the first thing you do is head to the gym or you prefer to exercise after you have some food in your system. People who exercise enjoy better sleep than those who don’t, according to the National Sleep Foundation people who exercise lightly see a 49 percent increase in quality of sleep, so these exercises are perfect for a refreshing night.

You can do them while watching a late-night show or you can concentrate on the movements for higher accuracy, remember that getting exercise into your routine is better than no exercise at all, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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