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8 health benefits of Bilimbi fruit (Kamias)

The Bilimbi fruit comes from the Philippines. It has a sour flavor, and many people consider this fruit to be underappreciated.

This exotic fruit is also known as the cucumber, and millions of people use it for its amazing health benefits and also for aesthetic purposes.

It is packed with vitamins C, B, antioxidants and iron, this tree is extremely beneficial for your overall health. You can find out the most important benefits of this 30 ft. tree below:

  1. Treats allergies

When you are facing an allergy problem, it means that the immune system of your body is susceptible to cat fur, certain foods and other things that surround you.

There are symptoms that are related to having an allergy to things that are outside of your body, like itching, troubles with breathing and runny nose. Drinking Bilimbi juice can effectively treat these symptoms, which will make your life a lot easier.

  1. Treats bad coughs

An extract from Bilimbi can be used as an essential ingredient in the making of coughing syrup. This is because this fruit has been scientifically proven to reduce the coughs and runny nose.

  1. Good bones

As the years pass by, our teeth and bones in general, become weaker and weaker. Taking calcium supplements can be a great idea, but it is always a better one to try and eat foods that are packed with calcium.

This fruit can support your body with the amount of calcium that it needs. It will make your bones stronger and denser.

  1. Treats diabetes

People that are facing problems with diabetes can use this fruit. Just take 6 grains of this fruit and place them in some water. Then, boil the water and clean it from the grains. It is recommended that you drink this drink twice a day.

  1. It can manage high blood pressure

If your blood pressure is above 140/90, that means that you have problems with high blood pressure. This fruit can be used to treat this condition and it is very effective. You need to boil the fruits with 3 glasses of water and then let half of the water evaporate. You should consume this drink when you wake up.

  1. Treat rheumatic pain

If you are facing problems with rheumatic pain, you need to crush a handful of bilimbi leaves and one handful of this fruit’s grains. Mix them with some water and then apply on the painful area, 3 times a day.

  1. Weight loss

You can promote weight loss by eating low-calorie snacks and meals. You can add this fruit to your meals or you can ingest it instead of your favorite chocolate bar. You can make dozens of different tasty combinations with this fruit. Because it is rich in vitamin B, bilimbi is great for your metabolism and your overall health.


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